Council tax liability appeal form

Before you start: information you'll need to provide

The appeal form must be completed in one session. Partially completed forms cannot be saved and completed at a later time. Please note that the form will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. To save you time, please ensure you have the following information ready.
  • The decision from your local council (billing authority) that you wish to appeal against. This will be their response to the correspondence you sent to your local council to explain why you believe the council tax is wrong.

    Note: appeals must be made within 2 months of the date of your decision. If the appeal is made outside of 2 months, you will be asked to explain why it was not made in time.

    Note: you can also appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if you wrote to your local council but have not had a reply after 2 months has passed. You must appeal to us within 4 months of the date you wrote to the council. If the appeal is made outside of 4 months, you will be asked to explain why it was not made in time.

  • Your contact information.

  • Your explanation of why you think the decision from the council is wrong. The explanation can be no more than 1200 characters in length. We recommend you take time to prepare this before starting this form.

  • You can also upload other documents to support your appeal.
All form fields must be completed, unless indicated.

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